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Solar Controllers
V105 – V105 Deluxe
summer, and winter modes

V2D - V2 Deluxe
summer, tropical and winter modes - Auto Sampling

V2AV – V2 Auto Valve C/W Auto Valve
summer, tropical and winter mode c/w 40mm valve & actuator

V2RR – V2 Wireless Remote (Battery) Roof Sensor
summer, tropical and winter modes

V2RRP - V2 Wireless Remote (PV Panel) Roof Sensor
summer and winter modes

V7RT – Retro Time Clock
LCD, filter pump time clock, auto timer override, auto winter mode, tropical mode and Gas option

V7RRT - Radio Remote - Wireless Roof Sensor
LCD, filter pump time clock, auto timer override, auto winter mode

Water Switch - suit spa side Water Button
WS - Single and Dual Digital
Auto OFF Timer - 10 Amp

Filter Timer - Electronic
FT01 - Filter Timer
Electronic 240 Vac 10 Amp - Available August

Heater Controllers
H7 Heat Pump Circulating Pump Control
heating period time clock, adjustable sampling times after limit

H7FHC - Filter, Heater & Chlorinator
filter pump time clock, auxiliary heater time clock, chlorinator control, adjustable sampling times

H7SV - Heat Pump or Gas & Solar Control C/W Auto Valve
sample run timer, auxiliary heater interlock, automatic winter mode

Pool Spa Ionisers
PWP2 - Pool Spa Ioniser c/w Filter time clock
10amp 2400watt

E01 - Electrode Set to suit many models

Water Leveller - Electronic
LS2 - Sump Emptying Switch
Electronic 10amp 3M sensor cable

LS2 - Water Leveller
Electronic 3M to 50M sensor cable c/w 1/2" and 1” motorised valves

Water Button
GS03 - Dual function spa side actuator
Beige 10M & 30M cables

Pool Cleaning boost pump Timer
CC2 - Cleaner Boost Pump Timer
10Amp - c/w 40 or 50mm Flow Switch

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